HR Advisory

As People are the most critical pathway to success we provide HR Services to ensure businesses excel and create a growth culture.  Our HR Philosophy:  Human Resources is about creating success by People & Culture & Performance.  It is more than ‘managing resources’.  It is the fabric that a business wraps around its people to guide a crew to success. 

So! we will refer to all things HR as the People Function.  We help CEOs and Boards across the following service lines:

  • The People Functions
  • Culture & Values
  • Performance & Balanced Scorecards
  • HR Hygiene & Compliance
  • HR Advice
  • Payroll & HR Services
  • Remuneration & Benefits
  • Coaching, Mentoring & Training

HR Advisory Services

The People Function

We help you create a People Function and depending on your size and maturity there are various options to the function that will align to your growth agenda.  We operate the People Function as a commercial enabler making sure your people, your most valuable asset, align value to your business model. 

An overview of different People Functions and Services gives you an understanding of your ‘as is’ and ‘to be’ with people.   To set the scene, in 2011 Bersin by Deloitte released a model that defines four levels of HR function maturity.  We work with CEOs or Founders to assist on building a HR model that aligns to growth and provides agility to he sets of services that enable success today and beyond and help bring the model below to life. Source: Bersin & Associates Research Bulletin, Vol 6, Issue 37, 2011


People Function Level 1: Compliance Driven HR Services

At the lowest level of maturity (Level 1), the “compliance-driven HR” organisation focuses primarily on fulfilling mandatory HR requirements. Leadership is often shared with an Operations or Finance role, and the philosophy concentrates on the local legal requirements concerning hiring and employment. These organisations have no documented HR strategy and few, if any, consistent talent processes. Instead, line managers assume many of the responsibilities for recruiting, managing and motivating employees. 


People Function Level 2: Fundamental HR Services

At Level 2, a “fundamental HR services” group has an HR strategy focused on improving processes and creating HR depth. Core HR services are standardized and efficient. In addition, the organisation begins to focus on talent management services, such as recruiting, succession planning, training, development, compensation and workforce planning, with separate, automated systems for these processes.  


People Function Level 3:  Strategic HR

At Level 3, a “strategic HR” group is defined by its approach to business partnership. These organisations are focused on creating deep connections with the business goals, while maintaining an optimised HR group. This function includes more strategic talent management, as well as flexible frameworks for core HR functions that meet both legal and business needs. Some core HR services may be outsourced or automated, while strategic HR functions are improved. System integration and communication are critical to this level.  


People Function Level 4:  Business Integrated HR

At the highest level of maturity (Level 4), the “business-integrated” HR organisation helps to drive the business through workforce strategies and people data. Focused on optimising the workforce to meet business needs and offering insights that will inform business goals and directions. The HR leader is a strategic role, closely connected with business executives. HR systems are tightly linked and connected to business systems, enabling HR and business leaders to access the necessary people data to make decisions. 


Source: Bersin & Associates Research Bulletin, Vol 6, Issue 37, 2011.

Culture & Values

Building a Culture is a collaboration of People, Values & Behaviours to deliver on the Strategies for Success.  We work with the founders to gain the key messages of the culture they are building and setting the foundations for the values and behaviours to drive the outcomes of success.   Ensuring the strategic plan will enable the growth agenda and align the people and organisation capability to deliver.

Work with the founder and executive chair to define the values that become living and breathing behaviours that create a culture your business wants to be known for and creates a crew that will be loyal, performance driven, smart and creative.  These values will link to the performance and behaviours your people will sign up.

Performance & Balance Scorecards

We offer guidance on implementing an innovative performance plans to help Start Ups plan their KPIs and to ‘smash it’ in terms of outperform results.  Develop positive performance systems to create deep connections between business goals and the workforce to meet and optimise and Smash the  Targets & Plans.  Aim to create a team who overachieve, are happy and highly satisfied and who plan and monitor balanced scorecards to achieve positive performance.   Offer guidance to the executive team or assist in implementing performance-based conversations should a performance issue require a structured process.

A focus is on ensuring that meaningful performance-based conversations based on trust, personal promises and development are easily managed and do take place and helping individuals develop and grow to improve business performance.  By aligning leadership and people performance with the strategic goals a business is seeking to deliver we have a greater chance to deliver on the goals set weekly to monthly to quarterly to annual so we achieve the grow targets.

HR Hygiene & Compliance

Focus primarily on fulfilling mandatory HR requirements and working with Operations and/or Finance to provide HR Hygiene:  Employee Handbook, Offer Letters, Policies, Onboarding, HR software as a service implementation of Employment Hero.

HR Advice

ExecCo.Search will offer expertise to resolve areas of opportunity to maximise talent.  The network we bring will ensure you can fast track an outcome and introduce agile capability to engage your people and manage any people issues.

Payroll & HR Services

Payroll: Running payroll and automatically report your tax and super to the ATO

HR Administration:  Running HR Systems, HR Policies,  Employee Files,  Audit Trails & Reporting

Induction and Onboarding:  Onboarding Paperless Workflows, Employment Contracts, HR Policies, Induction Content, Employee Certifications,

Employee Management:  Leave Requests, Timesheets, Safety & Incident Reports

Employee Engagement:  Benefits, Engagement Survey

Remuneration & Benefits

Provide valuable Industry and market data which can be used to benchmark salary and reward information and to identify trends to offer advice.  We help to set up performance bonus and equity agreements.

Coaching, Mentoring & Training

Working with specialist Coaches we advise on transforming experts into leaders who succeed. We can transform technical experts into leaders and develop the skills and behaviours to drive their teams and their organisation to success.  

ExecCo.Search can provide specific training around recruitment.    We assist in identifying solutions for any training requirement and offering advice on how to close the gap on any capabilities for the talent needed today and succession for future opportunities.

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