Talent Mapping

The ExecCo.Search Approach

Our ability to know markets, think laterally and solve people problems during the process of mapping talent helps our clients make the right decisions on talent.  We build an accurate picture of the talent landscape to capture Talent that not only can do the job but outperform, offer succession and help your business over achieve on business strategies.  


What is Talent Mapping

Talent Mapping targets specific industry markets and role types to identify the candidate landscape.  It becomes much easier to find the people you need to hire when you are going in with your eyes open around the market you can access, gives you a clear idea of what talent is available and where you should be targeting from the very start.

Mapping Talent takes more effort than a LinkedIn Search.  We look at other communities such as forums and social networks where the kind of people you’re looking for may be gathering. We look into include professional associations and even social groups, such as those on Meetup.com, which may attract people with the skills you need.

Real business intelligence to be at the forefront of the talent market for the best global technical engineering talent.


When to Talent Map

Whether it’s senior staff or hard-to-fill roles or the desire to build talent pools for future hiring.  ExecCoSearch has a wealth of experience in helping clients to design pro-active and targeted talent acquisition strategies and we are adept at helping clients to focus their recruitment techniques and foster a pro-active talent pool plan. By studying market and competitor intelligence we can considerably speed up the recruitment process, saving you time and money.


Benefits of Talent Mapping

The key benefits gained by drawing on market maps linked to:

  • Hiring diverse and hard to find people. A hard-to-fill role or a niche skillset can mean you are hunting for a ‘needle in a haystack’.  A market map can be invaluable in helping to focus your search in the right areas to find the talent you need. Market maps can also play a key role in locating diverse talent that may otherwise be hard to find.
  • Recruit faster and more efficiently. By encouraging proactive recruitment, market maps can help you to reduce time-to-fill and drive down cost-per-hire by limiting dependence on agencies and executive search firms.
  • Competitive hiring. By providing competitor insights, including information on what people are responsible for in their roles and how they set up their teams, market maps can help you target your rivals’ talent, particularly for high-level roles.
  • Being Proactive and have the knowledge of the market before you start sourcing allows you to take a proactive approach to recruitment. Do you need to expand your geographic range or look at businesses outside of your industry to find the talent you need? You’ll already know where you should be looking and when, rather than searching for answers once you’ve already started.

Stories about Talent Mapping

Helping an ASX Energy Corporate Hire a Head of Digital, Head of ICT & CISO
Helping an ASX Listed Manufacturing Giant lead a Technology Leadership Re-org
Helping the CEO of a Consumer Brands Business Hire a Director of Sales & Marketing
Helping a Superannuation Firm Hire a Chief Information Officer
Helping a Big 4 Consulting Firm Hire a CTO