Business Growth & Client Development Services

We help Founders to “Fly Solo” in growing a Start Up, bringing wise minds & intelligent experts together to incubate the Growth plan & create success.  We create a Hub, a Network to partner & support  Founders so

we bring ideas or creations to a series of strategies & actions & empower a Founder to realise their Dream.

The range of services includes:

  • The ‘Go Fast’ Organisational Plan
  • Creation of Advisory Boards
  • Sales
  • Teams – helping them be well built
  • Chief Forums & Client Development
  • Business Coaching

Business Growth Services

The ‘Go Fast” Organisational Plan

We partner with Founders and CEOs to focus on growth & ‘Go Fast’ organisational planning. ExecCo.Search can aid in the process of building capability to gain investor interest, IPO readiness, sale of an asset or the identification of partnerships.

Advisory Boards

We create an external group of 8-10 relevant CEOs or C-suite Executives to form an Advisory Board and meet with the founder 6-8 times a year.


Create a plan to achieve sales growth, focus on industry segments and functional leaders that will translate into customers and revenue.  Share the ExecCo.Search network that aligns and arrange sales meetings.


We build ‘Gifted’, ‘Game’ & ‘Generous’ teams. We know how to recruit for Start Ups, to find the hires that will outperform & ‘work harder and faster than they have in their career’.

We define plans to perform to provide clarity on the activities that will achieve success.  Knowing they will regularly change to focus on the important activities that line up to outcomes.

Chief Forums

We partner with Start Up founders and design and create Client Events.  A breakfast, lunch or wine evening for 12 or 100 so we can introduce you to a network of relevant clients to meet with.  We help to identify a key note speaker providing insights in the market that your business focuses on and assists as a draw card to bring relevant networks together.

Client Development

We target a range of customers that will have an immediate response to growing revenues streams. Customer Meetings are arranged providing business development opportunities for the Start Up to create sales opportunities. 

Customer Mapping

Prepare customer mapping for targeting business development campaigns.  All mapping has specific details on a role titles, contact details and a link to a profile on LinkedIn.

Business Coach

ExecCo.Search will offer expertise to founders or CEOs to focus on maximising the performance of the business via organisational structures and the ‘Go Fast’ plan.  Nikki Harkin will utilise her network to ensure we fast track an outcome and introduce agile capability to enable strategic goals to be reached.

Stories about Business Growth

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