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& Lift the Game on marketing your personal brand.  We help you create  a professional CV,  a style that will tell your Story.  We work with you to understand your career ‘Stories’ with real alignment to the value you offer a professional market.  

We combine a service in getting to know your:

  • Story
  • Capabilities
  • Competencies around how gifted, game and generous you are

 We work to create content for your ‘stories’ and clearly articulate the ‘success factors’ for key roles in your career.  We help you understand:

  • Board & CEO strategies & challenges
  • Market opportunities & key transformations your business was focused on achieving
  • How did your achievements relate to contributing to the successful execution of company strategies
  • Your passions and interests

We create a CV that will have a positive effect on how to connect you to a broader network and land your dream job.

‘The chance to make a memory is the essence of brand marketing’
Steve Jobs

Why Brand You?

  • Connectivity in a global world is driven by social media ‘right now’, this second!
  • Move up the influence curve in a crowded competitive market
  • How a brand is perceived will affects its success!
  • Look for ways to connect emotionally and become wanted
  • A strong brand stands out in a densely crowded marketplace
  • People fall in love with brands and trust is built

If you think your personal brand needs differentiation in the current candidate market we can provide assistance with :

  • creation of a new CV
  • identify new content & align your value proposition to a new role
  • im to create a personal brand

We will focus on appealing to a hiring manager and land you with the best career opportunity that links with your dream job.

 Services ExecCo.Search offer are:

The CV: 

Preparation of a Fresh New CV Format


The YOU Brand: 

Career Discussion

Content & CV Preparation built via a series of  Brand Worksheets      


BrandMe 2.0: 

Series of Career Discussions

Content & CV Preparation built via a series of Brand Worksheets

LinkedIn Profile

Network Introductions     


The Executive Brand: 

Focus on Career Development

Promotion:  Advance Next Steps 

Series of Career Sessions

Content & CV Preparation built via a series of Brand Worksheets

LinkedIn Profile & Photo

Network Introductions

Advisory Board Opportunities

Blog Strategy

Mentor Identifiction  



Let’s Make it Happen:

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Your Personal ‘Brand’ Today?

Your Personal ‘Brand’ Today?

  • What does your LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter profiles say about you?
  • Does your Personal Brand link to the Corporate Values of the Firm you wish to work for or gain a promotion in?
  • What does Google say about you?
  • Does LinkedIn tell ‘Your Story’
  • Does your CV tell ‘Your Story’ and give you the best value proposition for the next role
  • Can your Stories differentiate you from your competitors (other candidates) ?

A New CV: Create a Really Good Story

  • We begin with sessions to identify the ‘Authentic Self Story’
  • We work out how Gifted You are or what you excel in?
  • We work out how Game You are around delivering to the challenges of today’s world ?
  • We work out how Generous You are in influencing and collaborating with others ?
  • What Is ‘Your Story’ and what is your value proposition for the job you seek in market?

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